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The Diversity Collegium launched its sponsorship of the Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks at the 7th Annual Seminar on Diversity & Inclusion in Barcelona, Spain, February 20-21, 2014. More info here...


The Diversity Collegium is now featuring an Upcoming Events page where you can follow national and international conferences where Collegium members' will be presenting. More info here...


Two Collegium members pay tribute to Nelson Mandela. Read full article here.

Diversity Collegium launches its sponsorship of the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks

The Diversity Collegium is extraordinarily pleased to become the first and primary sponsor of the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Around the World, co-authored by Julie O'Mara, Collegium Emeritus member and Alan Richter, Collegium member along with 80 Expert Panelists. 

As organizations and societies strive to create inclusive environments and approaches, a tool such as the GDIB provides important information, guidance, and support. 

The Collegium launched its sponsorship at the 7th Annual Diversity and Inclusion Seminar in Barcelona, Spain, February 20-12, 2014. Several other conference presentations on the GDIB are scheduled. More info on these conferences here.
The Diversity Collegium is particularly pleased to sponsor the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks because it is one of the first comprehensive tools to explain what creating inclusive systems and managing diversity entails. We appreciate that the tool represents the best thinking of 80 experts around the world. Extremely significant is that it is free for anyone to use; all that is required is to ask permission so that we can track users and learn from their experience. For these reasons, The Diversity Collegium believes our sponsorship of the GDIB offers an important way for us to achieve our mission of advancing the field of Diversity and Inclusion. 

The Diversity Collegium is a think tank of practitioners, scholars and leaders whose mission is to advance the field of Diversity and Inclusion through dialogues, symposia, research and publications. Meeting for more than two decades, the group addresses and thinks critically about developmental stages and how to orchestrate and effect change among individuals, teams/groups, and organizations across sectors in this growing field.  

Read more about our history here.

Two Collegium members pay tribute to Nelson Mandela

Nene Molefi and Alan Richter, two Collegium members and both from South Africa, tell their stories about how Nelson Mandela affected their lives.

A Leader who Reached Out to the Underdogs: A Tribute to Mandela’s Inclusive Leadership

By Nene Molefi

Nelson Mandela embodied the concept of inclusive leadership. He didn’t just talk about it. He lived it, taking bold steps for South Africa with his unique personal style that so effectively combined humility and warmth with influence and impact. I first met Nelson Mandela when I was invited for dinner at his house in Houghton about 10 years ago.

Read full article here.

Remembering Mandela

By Alan Richter

I grew up on the slopes of Table Mountain in Cape Town, and recall during many bored moments at my all-white privileged high-school looking out at the city and at Robben Island in the distance off the coast -- not knowing anything about what was happening there. 
By the time I reached college (University of Cape Town) and became more politically aware, Mandela had become a legend. After a day in prison, arrested for protesting Apartheid, it became apparent to me that my options were to stay on and fight (and face more prison or worse) or leave...

Read full article here.


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